Sunday, July 17, 2011

road trip!

weekend activity: road trip to indiana!

my sissy & her boyfriend moved to indiana this weekend, so we went along for the ride!
{husband helped with the loading & unloading, 
while mama and i lent a hand with the unpacking}
there's something about setting up a home that makes me all fuzzy inside!

although i will miss them dearly, their new place is adorable & i wish them nothing but happiness! xo m&t!

on a side note, it's hotter than you-know-what here. i attempted to catch a few rays today, but i think heat stroke was about to set in after 10 minutes. fail.

due to the heat, husband & i will be enjoying an ice cream treat tonight. after all, it is national ice cream day, {i promise i didn't make that up}. i think we're going to try this ice cream shop - has anyone been?

stay cool!

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