Tuesday, August 23, 2011


honestly. wtf?

you deserve my most sincere apologies - i've been absent for nearly 2 weeks. {bad blogger bad!}
buttttt, in my absence, i've compiled some realllly juicy goodies for you! - i hope you think they're juicy.
juicy in a good way, not juicy as in poopy juicy. okay gross.

anyway, i'm at work right now (and i'm blogging - can you say baddass?!) so, these gems will have to wait  for a later debut. my main squeeze at work - ashley - is getting married on saturday, so today is her last day at the studio. what will i do without her!? who will i eat lunch with?! who will i sametime with?! ahhh it's going to be a rough couple of weeks, but i'm soooo ecstatic for her! needless to say, she will be a b-e-a-utiful bride!

speaking of work, i have an embarrassing/hilarious/how could you be so dumb?! story to tell you. later my lovelies, later.

over & out for now.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

according to my iphone

hi blog.
miss me?
check out my recent life - according to my iphone:

so, according to my phone, all i've been up to is visiting the yummiest restaurant in madison.
last saturday we went here for the most delish pizza ever!

can't believe it's almost the weekend again.
hey, i'm not complaining - this week has been ba-na-nas

that's all she wrote - more next week.

ta-ta for now!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

accidental adventure

ok. first of all, to understand this post, i must give you a bit of background on my mama bear.
she's loving, playful, crazy, bossy, intuitive and quite simply put - she does whatever she wants.
{in a good way}

the two have us have had gajillions of what i like to call "accidental adventures"
to us, they're funny. but, you may roll your eyes in complete disgust.

check out this gorgeous cemetery we happened upon last eve:
{i promise you we are not freaky worshipers of the dead / grave diggers or anything}

a bit spooky, yes?
but totally ethereal & peaceful at the same time - when my time comes, this is where you'll find me or at least some place similar. unless of course i live forever, which could totally happen. duh.

we came upon this gem of a place by accident last night.
in fact, mom definitely drove through the lawn to get to it.
seriously though?
seriously. it was worth it.

just splendid.
{did i just tell that story backwards? i'm so tired right now. bye.}

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


this past weekend was just that...marvelous.

i spent saturday here:

with these ladies:

needless to say, it was a day filled with laughter & story-telling (ahem, krystle).
i'd share, but these stories are definitely not blog-appropriate.

my mama finally arrived home from scotland on saturday evening, so molly & myself spent the majority of sunday with her. she brought a few adorable gifts from here. can you say cahhh-uttte?! how about that ahh-mazing fabric & wall paper. i'm dreaming of a nursery for my unborn child.

can't believe tomorrow is already hippity-hump day!