Saturday, November 5, 2011

i'm back!...with lots of awkwardness

miss me? how sad. here's a kleenex. 
a lot has happened during the past few weeks. here's a picture sneak peek:

{run up to the runway with my lovies featuring the gorgeous ashley p}

{pumpkin picking}

{pumpkin carving}

{miss pearl in her buggy}


anyone else have 200 mil awkward every week?
no. ok...that must just be me. are my top 10 from this week..yup - this week only.

1. trapping myself between two chairs and my boss's desk. while my other boss is on speaker phone. "excuse me? i'm stuck." yes, i trapped myself between your desk and these chairs...can you help me? no?? okay...ill proceed to tip them over and run out of your office. please avoid eye contact with me for the next few hours. thanks.

2. meeting up with a co-worker in the bathroom. awkward...just plain awkward.

3. speaking of bathroom talk - a warm toilet seat. awkward.

4. suddenly realizing you're driving 50 mph in a 65 zone. all because your mother is on the phone. cue rearview mirror glance, realizing there are 34930920 cars in a lonngggg line behind you = 34930920 pissed drivers passing you on the right.   

5. tummy rumbling during awkward silence in a meeting. dude. i just fed you. what?! that nutri grain bar wasn't enough?! here's to hoping no one noticed my random coughing fit/frantically turning of notebook pages to cover the sounds coming from my insides.

6. accidentally instant messaging my boss instead of my co-worker bestie...
i spent a lot of time ducking in and out of rooms in the hallway. like a ninja. fml

7. driving my mom's car. windshield wipers going full speed on a sunny day at a stop light. "what?! stop looking at me....this isn't my car okay?!" it took me a full 3 blocks to figure out how to turn them off.

8. strangers who actually slow down and drive closer to the curb just to catch a glimpse of me pushing pearl in her stroller. yes - she's a dog. in a stroller. mind your own business. and please don't pull over and say "wow, that dog is spoiled". no shit dumbass. how about you go about your day because right now you're acting like a creeper. 

9. the horrible outfit i wore last week. 1 word - pirate. (and it wasn't halloween)

10. trying to find my work badge (that's usually clipped to my shirt) so that i can get into the studio. only to realize it's stuck inside of my leggings. "just a minute...i need to reach into my badge is in there." riiiight.



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