Saturday, April 2, 2011


{cupcakes; compliments of my lil' sis}

{be-bop and I; birthday morning}

{sissy. woodfield mall = bday}

{mama: i love you.}

{flowers from my mister}

Yesterday was my 25th birthday! Whattup 25. In my house, birthdays are the longest celebrated holiday. On average, they last about 2 weeks or longer. I mean, comon' it's the celebration of being birthed, probably the most hardcore workout any of us have ever had. I'd say all of us deserve a 2+ week celebration.

Tonight, I'm having birthday dinner & cake at Tutto Pasta

I'll be surrounded by most of my friends & family - my other half is away at drill this weekend,  so we'll be celebrating again next week! Wahoo for birthdays!


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