Sunday, April 10, 2011

happy bday miss sara

my gal, sara marie, celebrated her 25th birthday today! we met in 7th grade and have been the sara/hs ever since! 

a run-on sentence for you...

potato wedges & pepsi, dive competitions, lake windsor, steve&doug, plastic cups, mr porter, mr alfonso, spring break, cat vaca, there goes martin, breaking & entering, the bachelor, rollerblading, runway shows, steak n' shake. you know what to do.

{i'm positive there are many more lil' words that remind me of our adventures, but my brain is tired. forgive me.}

{also, i'm pretty sure we have zero photos together in my current state (brunette)}

I hope your 25th was your best birthday yet, may all of our dreams come true! ILU.

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