Sunday, May 1, 2011

happy may!

happy may day to you, my lovelies! i feel as if i've been on-the-go for the last three-hundred-million-days. {it's been a good on-the-go, though. i say always better to be busy than bored.} i'm going to share my last week in photos {because i don't feel like typing} plus photos are way more exciting than my jumbled writing. {mom-grab your glasses.}

{new crib. #206. i can't tell you whereabouts. stalkers.}


{egg hunt.}

{ lil' bunny filled with paprika & sister's scrumptious deviled eggs.}

{easter dinner.}


{after, compliments of mama}

{re-upholstered dressing table stool}

{may day baskets (wouldn't it be lovely to have a "may day baby"???}

have a happy first-week-of-may! xo.

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