Tuesday, May 10, 2011

hi summer

what did you do with spring? today was a muggy, sticky, hot day. don't get me wrong, i would never turn away a gorgeous sunny, hot-hot-hot day, but what happened to the pleasant 60 degree breezy days? whatever, i'm not complaining. (even though it sounds like i am.) i've been in a complaining mood lately due to numerous annoying situations, i keep telling myself to find the glad in things & be thankful for all, but sometimes i just want to whine. so deal. what's that snooky says? "wahhhhh".

was that a super-ginormous-obnoxious run-on sentence? my bad.

{welcome days of cruzin' with the top down.}

side note: has anyone seen any super fab nightstands anywhere?
i'm in need of 2 that will compliment a walnut-colored sleigh bed.
please do share.

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