Thursday, August 4, 2011

accidental adventure

ok. first of all, to understand this post, i must give you a bit of background on my mama bear.
she's loving, playful, crazy, bossy, intuitive and quite simply put - she does whatever she wants.
{in a good way}

the two have us have had gajillions of what i like to call "accidental adventures"
to us, they're funny. but, you may roll your eyes in complete disgust.

check out this gorgeous cemetery we happened upon last eve:
{i promise you we are not freaky worshipers of the dead / grave diggers or anything}

a bit spooky, yes?
but totally ethereal & peaceful at the same time - when my time comes, this is where you'll find me or at least some place similar. unless of course i live forever, which could totally happen. duh.

we came upon this gem of a place by accident last night.
in fact, mom definitely drove through the lawn to get to it.
seriously though?
seriously. it was worth it.

just splendid.
{did i just tell that story backwards? i'm so tired right now. bye.}

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