Tuesday, August 23, 2011


honestly. wtf?

you deserve my most sincere apologies - i've been absent for nearly 2 weeks. {bad blogger bad!}
buttttt, in my absence, i've compiled some realllly juicy goodies for you! - i hope you think they're juicy.
juicy in a good way, not juicy as in poopy juicy. okay gross.

anyway, i'm at work right now (and i'm blogging - can you say baddass?!) so, these gems will have to wait  for a later debut. my main squeeze at work - ashley - is getting married on saturday, so today is her last day at the studio. what will i do without her!? who will i eat lunch with?! who will i sametime with?! ahhh it's going to be a rough couple of weeks, but i'm soooo ecstatic for her! needless to say, she will be a b-e-a-utiful bride!

speaking of work, i have an embarrassing/hilarious/how could you be so dumb?! story to tell you. later my lovelies, later.

over & out for now.


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