Monday, February 7, 2011


Monday always gets such a bad rep. I sort of feel bad for it. "Ohhh Monday, I hate Monday." Well, Monday; I'm here to stand up for you. To me, you're a chance to start over, a fresh beginning. Here are the top 10 things that made my Monday super...

1. Husband made the bed

2. I had a new playlist to listen to on the drive to work

3. The huge snowflakes that fell outside my window at work (I felt like I was in a snow globe!)

4. Noodles & Co. for dinner (Penne Rosa-you rock!)

5. Husband gladly offered to snow blow the driveway

{This post mentions husband a lot. He's the best.}

6. Pearl's welcome home greeting; so sweet.

7. The Bachelor & popcorn with husband tonight!

8. My heels that 'clicked' on the hardwood floor at work

9. Husband's after-work hug and compliment (he told me I looked that good or bad?)

10. Blackberry tea

I have an outdoor engagement shoot tomorrow - I'm uber-excited even thought it's supposed to be frigid!

What made your Monday worth smiling?

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