Sunday, March 6, 2011

back on the block.

I promise I didn't neglect you, my bliggity bloggers. The past week was a bit rough. On Monday, I hung out here...

Pretty sweet hospital gown, right? It's hard to tell in the photo, but I made them leave my sparkly-gold-bejweled ballet flats on since {gasp!} my toes haven't seen polish in months. I was mortified when they had to put these stupid little patch thingys on my legs, which were a tad hairy. {Ok, understatement...they were very fuzzy. Don't judge. It's winter & husband doesn't care.} 

{Get to the point, Sarah.} Ok. I had a little episode at work, something like a fainting spell with seizure-like symptoms. Let's call it a "faizure". {I should definitely write for the medical dictionary.} Monday sucked and I felt like a drank an entire bottle of vodka on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Let's just say I was living in a cloud. Needless to say, I'll be fine, but still....WTF body? 

This weekend flew by. We thought we finally found a house, but come to find it's not really meant for us. It needs a mother-load of work and I'm not sure we're up for that. I'd like to enjoy this summer, since last year was filled with wedding planning. We'll find our abode. Preferably sooner than later.

{Random side note} I need to capture Paul McDonald from American Idol and keep him under my bed. He's just so freakin' cute. AND what kind of teeth whitener does he use? Love.

Excuse the jumbled post. I need sleep. My brain is mush-mush.  {mush-mush? that deserves another wtf.}

Put me to bed.

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